Goodbye Arcserve and hello ……

As the title suggest, today was my last day at Arcserve! and it has been a great gig!

From the moment I joined until it today was a brilliant roller-coaster ride and not looked back once. I worked with great pleasure for Arcserve! however sometimes an opportunity comes around which is very interesting.

So why leave a great vendor like Arcserve?

I always believed in the capabilities of Arcserve and their technology, but people that know me, also know that I am a strong believer in emerging technologies. Especially if these are simplifying data management at larger complex environments. Don’t get me wrong, Arcserve provides simplicity for data protection in the mid market and lower enterprises. But I believe that my new employer will take it up a few notches 🙂

So Monday I will be starting at …


Soon I will be adding more posts about Rubrik on this blog.

Thank you Arcserve and Hello Rubrik




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  1. Congratulations Harold, I agree whatever you said about Arcserve.. It’s a great product with some great people behind..Rubrik will surely take you few steps further in enterprise world..All the best!!!

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