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Why Arcserve?

Why Arcserve?

A few months ago I was asked if I would be interested to work for Arcserve, and my reaction was, probably like many of you, Arcserve? Does that still exist?

Before joining I decided to try out their products and I was pleasantly surprised on how far they have come with their solutions. I was getting really excited about their solutions, and was wondering why I not seen their products as much as other vendors.

Arcserve emerged in the early 90s as it was developed by Cheyenne Software. It was a one of the first backup programs on the market. I used it to protect Novell Netware and Windows NT to start with. In 1996 Cheyenne was acquired by CA Technologies, and Arcserve continued as CA Arcserve. In 2014 Arcserve spun off from CA and now it is a company itself with 3 products.

So let me explain what Arcserve has to offer today:

  • Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) – A true image based for physical and mixed virtual environment backup solution using forever incremental and global deduplication.
  • Arcserve Replication & High Availability (RHA) – RHA Provides sub second RPOs for full systems (Virtual & Physical) AND Applications with built in network redirection! other features are content distribution, CDP and Automatic testing.
  • Arcserve Backup (ABSU) – Proven technology on its best, the original backup solution that goes back to the early 90s

The main focus today is UDP, it is a product that was released in 2014 and provides protection for modern datacentre’s. Today, companies are not solely using one infrastructure solution, they use virtual infrastructures, increasingly multi-vendor virtualisation, physical servers (yes they still exist) and lastly cloud is often used, either as source or destination.

RHA is close to my heart, as I am very much interested in solutions that minimise the downtime and data loss for companies. RHA does exactly that, and it has some real cool features in it. Think about ability to fail over full systems in seconds or fail over applications in seconds with your network redirected automatically so that end users won’t notice if they are working on a Master server or on the fail over server.

So there it is and this is why I joined Arcserve, it is a fast growing data protection company with awesome solutions!

In this personal blog I will write about the features of mainly Arcserve UDP & RHA, also I will be writing about virtualisation, scripting and storage solutions as this is where my interests are.

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